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Looking for strategies to help you stay vibrant, radiant, and healthy in middle age and beyond?  Come along with me as I explore topics like health and wellness, finding purpose, goal-setting, inspiration, and more!

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A modern version of old-fashioned homemade Easter Bread, perfect for leftover ham sandwiches or toasted with jam.

Easter Bread

Life is a series of compromises and gray areas. Once in a while, there will be birthday cupcakes. There will be glasses of celebratory wine. There will, occasionally, be a slice of bacon calling our name.

Miniature cupcake shows progress not perfection in diet

Potato and Green Bean Salad is hearty enough to be a meal on its own, or can complement fish or chicken as a side dish.

Potato and Green Bean salad on a plate

Wondering what to do with that little bit of leftover flat Champagne? Whip up this light vinaigrette for salads or vegetables.

green salad with vinaigrette

Unlike happiness, which is so often dependent on outside influences and things we cannot control, flow is entirely accessible to us at any time.

Woman writing in journal

Here’s a recipe for healthy black bean and sweet potato burgers, with no egg!

black bean and sweet potato burger

Baking from old family recipes is a magical way to honor our loved ones.

Woman reviewing old recipes and baking memories

Are you aching to make a change, but for some reason, you can’t seem to pull the trigger? You’re not alone.

Midlife reinvention Old Hickory Lake by the New Moon Workshop

I see a lot of overnight oatmeal in my future. My cholesterol levels were too high on my last visit to my doctor, and she threatened to put me on medication if I don’t lower my numbers by my next appointment.   Message received!  I’d much rather change my diet than take a pill for the […]

Overnight Oatmeal

Watching birds in your own backyard is such an easy way to relax – and who can’t use a little more stress relief these days? These cute birdseed ornaments are easy to make and will bring a little life and color to your yard – and most importantly, they are also safe for the birds! […]

Carolina Chickadee on Birdseed Ornament


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