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What do you think of the phrase "aging gracefully?"   Do you plan to go out kicking and screaming, or are you going to embrace growing older and make the most of it?  All of the above, depending on the day?  Me too!   All I know for sure is that if we keep our mind, spirit, and body healthy, the rest will come easier.   Come along with me as I explore topics like health and wellness, finding purpose and meaning, travel, fashion, beauty, and more!

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Welcome, friend!

2020 is half over.   There are a lot of reasons to be happy about that – it’s been an odd and unsettling year thus far, to say the least. I think most of us are already looking toward putting on a party hat and kissing 2020 goodbye, and toasting in a new year – hopefully […]

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The hard, painful truth is that real, lasting change doesn’t happen overnight, and it really doesn’t happen if we’re just dreaming about it. To make something happen, you have to stop thinking and start DOING

Change and Midlife Reinvention by The New Moon Workshop

Rather than focusing on making your goals SMART, focus on setting goals that fit with who you want to be.

midlife reinvention by The New Moon Workshop


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