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What do you think of the phrase "aging gracefully?"   Do you plan to go out kicking and screaming, or are you going to embrace growing older and make the most of it?  All of the above, depending on the day?  Me too!   All I know for sure is that if we keep our mind, spirit, and body healthy, the rest will come easier.   Come along with me as I explore topics like health and wellness, finding purpose and meaning, travel, fashion, beauty, and more!

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Sometimes we need a little jumpstart to get our health back on track. But is a detox cleanse the way to go, or could a simple diet reset work?

Detox Cleanse lemon water

Homemade hummingbird food recipe is easy and safe for birds!

Hummingbird at feeder with hummingbird food recipe

Stop comparing your life to what you see online. You are in competition with no one, except the person that you were yesterday.

digital detox midlife reinvention by the New Moon Workshop

Have you thought about going vegetarian or vegan, but you can’t imagine giving up bacon cheeseburgers? Don’t go cold turkey; small steps can add up to big changes!

Midlife reinvention Flexitarian Diet by the New Moon Workshop

Unlike happiness, which is so often dependent on outside influences and things we cannot control, flow is entirely accessible to us at any time.

Creating Flow

We may not always realize the effect of the noise of our day-to-day lives on our bodies, but it is still working on our nerves in the background. So what can we do about it?

Amelia Island FL by the New Moon Workshop

Why do we, as women, as nurturers and caregivers, have so much trouble taking care of ourselves? Why aren’t all of us doing the things that will make us healthier and happier and saner?

Midlife Self-Care

Is it okay to be happy right now? People are sick and suffering, losing jobs and closing businesses. I feel guilty for enjoying the slowdown.

Do you ever feel like you have absolutely no business doing what you do? Imposter Syndrome may not be a clinical disorder, but the effects can be real.

Even though you are not likely to listen to me because A. this is an imaginary letter, and B. you prefer to bulldoze your way through life and learn things the hard way, I am going to offer you ten pieces of advice that could prevent a lot of hard feelings and hardship in your future:

Woman writing in journal by the New Moon Workshop


Food for thought, served up just for you a few times each week!